What is better: Xero or MYOB liveaccounts?

Which accounting software is better, and why?

Every person running a business, or working as a bookkeeper or accountant for any company or business in today’s world, there is a software category which one must use to ensure all these tasks are being performed smoothly without any issue through myob training melbourne. This software type is called accounting software. In the recent times, accounting softwares have gained massive popularity all over the world, and have innovated over time to perform several new tasks to make the jobs of the accountants easier than before. There is a wide range of options which one can choose from, but softwares are currently leading the market. These two are Xero and MYOB. Both of them are highly efficient, and offer a wide range of services which one can choose from. In addition, both if these perform several other additional tasks, most of which are unavailable in the rest of the options available in the market. There is no doubt about the fact that both of these are the best options available in the market. The only question that remains is which one of the both softwares is the best option? In other words, which option is better than the other? This question will be answered in this blog.


It entered the market after its competition, but still it has managed to capture a significant amount of market share. The secret behind this quick success is the cloud technology adaptation by it. When this application is launched, a pop up message appears which provides the user with all the necessary required information. This includes information about upcoming bills, bank account balance, and the liabilities in the form of money owed. In addition, there is an option to create new invoices from the home screen without flipping through endless options and menus. There are some options which are specified for small and medium businesses. These options include money in and money out options. Another secret behind the fast success is that it has invested in the collaborations with various other sources. For instance, it has added add-ins for various other fields such as education, tutoring services, hospitality and so on. These can be added by the user from the settings options. This feature has been added to diversify the user base of the services being offered. It also has developed smartphone applications for Android as well as IOS. The developers of the application have chosen wisely to display all the core and critical functions on the display, instead of smashing all the available options in the small space available on the home screen. Other such applications have done so, and because of this, it has been made really hard to find the needed option. With the method used in this platform, finding the relevant options and performing basic options such as the addition of invoices and expenses. The application renders the use of PIN code or Touch ID for gaining access. According to the reviews of the users, the only downside of using this platform is the high prices. There are three main tiers or price points. These are $25, $50 and $60 per month. All of these are based on the services being provided by its monthly. For example, in the first two price ranges, the payroll of one employee is offered along a limited number of invoices, bills and bank transactions. In order to get a higher number of these services, the price range has to be increased. There is a payment plan for all types of businesses with different numbers of employees. For example, $100 are charged for 100 employees. After that, there is an extra $2 for each additional employee.

MYOB Essentials:

Not long ago, there was a time when everyone, whether it was a small business or any medium business was using only one software for accounting purposes. This was before its main competition was launched. It was the sole market leader. After the introduction of competition, it lost some of its market shares to it, but it still owns a significant portion of market shares and is one of the market leaders. It has extensive experience in this field, perhaps more than anyone else in this field. Moreover, it has gained the respect among the accounting circles due to its many years of service, and a strong reputation. It faced some troubles when it upgraded its system to the cloud, but it eventually overcame those issues and developed an application which made it easier for business users to get accounting done without any formal accounting education or degree. However, if the user is intending to use the platform in an advanced manner, it can get training courses for it. For example, there is MYOB training Melbourne for advanced use of the platform. The application has gained popularity due to several features of its own as well. It has been praised due to its user-friendly environment and use of everyday language due to which the functions have been made easy to understand. Moreover, the functions such as creating invoices are quick to perform and easy to execute. In addition, there is a graphical representation as well, which makes it easier to understand the current situation of profits or losses for those who are unable to understand the technical terms. At the start, a free trial of 30 days is offered to users so that they can first use the product, and only buy it once they are satisfied with the services being provided by it. There is a setback here. To test the trial version, you need to come up with a set of data. Other softwares which provide a free trial period provide a set of given data. The monthly subscription rates range from anywhere between $27-$55.


Keeping both products in mind, and comparing the services and features being provided by both the options, it can be said that when it comes to mobile phone applications, Xero is the better option. On the other hand, when it comes to desktop applications, MYOB has got the edge. Both platforms are highly user-friendly and have successfully made things easier to understand. However, this classification may change as time passes and innovations are made. It is also possible for any third company to surpass both of these in the future. Read More

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