What is Vegan Wine? Can we buy it online?

When buying wine online, there is a common misconception when it comes to wine be it red or white that these are vegan. After all, isn't wine made out of grapes, which is a fruit and fruits are indeed part of a vegan diet, so no problem right? Actually, that is a major falsehood that anyone pursuing a vegan diet should be alerted to especially if they love a good glass of Merlot or Chardonnay on a regular basis, not all wines are vegan-friendly. In order to address this reason and to get the heart of where a vegan wine can be found, let's answer some common questions regarding this issues including the most important of all if the wine that is vegan-friendly be bought online.

Why is Not all Wine Vegan?

Right out the gate let' address the reason why wine isn't vegan. This actually has to do with the fining agents used in most winemaking. Fining agents basically help to soften the wine to remove some of the bitterness along with the proteins that could create clouding. These fining agents include things that could be animal base which makes them not vegan, these include such things as gelatin, egg whites, and milk proteins. The biggest issue with these fining agents is that under FDA regulations wine aren't required to put on their labels what type of fining agents are used in a process of making the wine, which means those leading a vegan life really shouldn't consider buying wine in a grocery or other specialty store. There are many stores like Organic Wine who have the best prices for buying wine online.

What sort of fine lining process is used when making vegan type wines?

Wines that are vegan use fine lining that is charcoal or clay base. Which makes this process more desirable not just for those who follow a vegan lifestyle but for vegetarians as well.

Is Organic Wine Vegan?

Here is another misconception that needs to be addressed, actually organic doesn't mean vegan. The guidelines of organic means that Organic means that the ingredients used pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Contrary to what some may believe that has nothing to do with being vegan, so in answer to this question if a wine is organic it doesn't mean that it is also vegan.

How do you find vegan wines?

Turns out vegan wines can be found in more places then we may think. IT's just important to know what to look for. But perhaps the best place to find vegan wine is indeed online. Why buying wine online helps to take the guesswork out of whether or not it is vegan in type. In fact, there are places online in which to go to find a list of the various types of vegan style wines that are available for purchase. One such place is called Barnivor this website is literally a directory of various types of alcohol including wine online. It literally gives all the information necessary to go find any type of wine including that which is totally vegan. The nice thing is to that if you already have a favorite wine variety and now wonder if it actually has a vegan variety as well, this website has a search engine that will tell you all the various types of wine that particular brand puts out. So, vegan style wine can not only be purchased online for stress-free convenience it can also be researched online to get all the desired information as well. So, there are definite advantages to wine online purchases, research, especially when wanting a vegan variety.

What are some different brands of vegan style wine?

Whether you prefer to find vegan red or vegan white wine, you will no doubt want to know some of the leading brands of the particular brand of wine. One prime example is the Majestic wines. These have gotten much acclaim for being vegan-friendly. The wine also comes in varieties such as Italian Pinot Grigio Rosato for those who want something red and fruity. There is also the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc for those who prefer a good white wine. Another brand known for their exceptional wines that are specifically made for the vegan community is Barossa Viognier, they are especially known for their Chardonnay. These are just a few of the many types of different wine that do indeed come in a vegan variety, again doing research to find all the type out there is always recommended.

Will vegan wines be labelled as such?

That is something you can be assured of, yes vegan type wines will have it clearly on their label that this wine is vegan. That is one way while out shopping to tell this style of wine from the others like other wine varieties that don't make this clear wines that have been made specifically for the vegan community will let this be known to the consumer.

So, is it recommended buying wines that are certified vegan online?

In all honesty, it's not necessary to buy these online, once the initial research is done to find the specific brands. Turns out more and more stores are stocking this brand of wine in their liquor departments. However, there is a stressfree convenience to buying the wines that are vegan through an online source. It means not having to go through the hassle of going to a store looking up and down the aisle to find a specific brand and to of course find the vegan types. There is also the convenience of being in the comfort of your own home while doing so. Since you know it can be done there are certain advantages to buying this wine through an online source.

The bottom line here is that being vegan doesn't mean having to give up some of the things we love in life. After all, this lifestyle already requires giving up enough. Nice to know that wine isn't one of those things that need to be sacrificed. Those who love to kick back with a good glass of wine no matter the variety can take comfort in the fact that being vegan doesn't mean sacrificing wine thanks to those who take the time to consider this way of life in their winemaking.

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