Most effective hard floor cleaners in the market?

Hard floor surfaces are approved by the international accredited IICRC organization because of its functionality and the following features:

  • Easy for hard floor cleaners
  • features styles that match residential and commercial building codes
  • hard flooring is designed to easily match your décor with quality
  • sturdy compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • weight and pressure from daily foot traffic

Hard flooring surfaces add a unique aesthetics to any building. Hard floors consist of a large variety of different hard surfaces made from natural or organic materials, as well as man-made textures. Just to name a few of the modern hard floor materials includes the following:

  • brick
  • concrete
  • finished, solid, engineered wood
  • laminated
  • linoleum
  • rubber
  • slate
  • stone
  • tiles
  • vinyl

The above hard floor materials are very porous in nature and as such, requires a sealant to keep them resistant to stains. Hard floor materials also require a sealant to protect it from excess water, oils, scuff marks, dirt, and other alien matter.

Hard floors are easy to maintain because they are all so durable. They take spills very well, they hold up very well under shoe marks because all you need to do is to wipe up spills as soon as it happens and take a soft cloth to remove shoe marks. Hard floors also give your home or office added value.

Using The Right Flooring Products

No matter what type of hard flooring a residential home has or what type a commercial environment installs they all require different gentle yet effective sanitizing solutions. As a regular maintenance schedule, hard floors require dusting, sweeping, washing, and polishing. Using the right products is a necessity to keep hard floors from becoming dull in appearance and to stand up under lots of foot traffic.

In order for hard floors to retain their lustrous beauty, they require cleaners that contain no harsh ingredients like:

  • dyes
  • petrochemical oils
  • carcinogens
  • harsh chemicals like triclosan
  • chloride, and other harmful ingredients that are designed to clean flooring materials but that are too harsh on hard floor materials.

Hard Floor Cleaners

Only the right supplies for hard floor washing solutions should always be used. People enjoy having hard floor surfaces because they are an investment if properly maintained. Hard floors are truly a long-term invested material surface. Below are some of the most effective hard floor cleaners on the market today:

  1. Agar HC-90: Agar is a mild biodegradable detergent for pre-waxed and polished hard floors and surfaces. Agar is a great pH balanced low foaming cleaner. Agar is perfect for all hygienic environments like homes, restaurants, commercial environments, medical facilities, and more.

  2. Bruce Hard and Laminate Cleaner: As a quality hard floor cleaner, Bruce does not leave any residue. Bruce is purposely designed to clean hard floor material. It leaves a clean finish that does not require a rinse

  3. Pledge Gentle Floor Cleaner: Pledge safely cleans dirt from hard floors without leaving any sticky residue nor does it leave a dull film. Just mop and go, leaving behind its classic lemony scent. Works well on all finished and sealed floor surfaces.

  4. Armstrong Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray: This product sprays onto hard flooring surfaces to remove grease, lipstick, crayons, ink spots, chewing gum, candle wax, and rubber heel marks. The Armstrong hard floor cleaner does not leave behind any residue or a filmy surface. Use a microfiber mop to bring out the sheen of the hard flooring texture.

  5. Chemibrush Grout Cleaner Liquid: Chemibrush works easily on hard flooring like tile and concrete that feature a grout appearance is best served by solutions designed for this type of surface. Chemibrush's safe yet deep scrubbing agents remove embedded grout grease that can make your floors slippery.

  6. Murphy's Oil Soap Squirt and Mop Floor Cleanser: As a hardwood floor cleaner, Murphy's spray and mob cleaner are good on all hard floor surfaces.

  7. Granite Gold: Slate and brick porous floor require a gentle soapy detergent. However, getting on your knees to mop a floor has long gone by, therefore you need a mopping cleaner that is just as gentle to use. Granite Gold is a ready-to-use washing formula that deeply cleans granite, marble, travertine and all other natural-stone and ceramic tile surfaces.

  8. Hoover Hard Floor Cleaner Solution: The Hoover solution works expertly in removing dirt from hard floors. It is a once mop over diluted solution that leaves a fresh scent.

pH Balance

Hard floor cleaner manufacturers include a pH acidic range for their products. If you have not noticed in reading hard floor cleaners, there is a pH number that symbolizes what surfaces they can be used on. The hard floor cleaners identified above, include pH balance levels that can be used on nearly all hard floor surfaces.

For example, a hard floor cleaner generally carries a pH lower than 7 which stands for less alkaline and more of a neutral balance level. A pH product below a 7 is acidic for cleaning certain floor surfaces and a solution that is higher than a 7 is more of an alkaline solution.

When hard floor scrubbing products state that it has a pH balance, this means that the floor product is both at an acidic and alkaline level that will effectively clean the hard floor surface without stripping it or damaging it in any way. Whichever hard floor surface that you choose, it needs to be properly maintained for increased durability with a polished appearance.

Benefits of Clean Floors

Properly maintained hard flooring helps to keep homes and businesses healthy in the following manner:

  • Reduces pollutants like dust mites and mold in your home or office
  • Reducing your exposure to harmful bacteria
  • Eliminating foul odors
  • You just feel better when floors are clean
  • Lessens accidents like slips and falls

Look No Further

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